1970-72 Mopar Factory Style Radiator 4-Core

Part Number: OMD2298A

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Quick Overview
We offer U.S made replacement radiators, this radiator is manufactured completely from durable copper materials and is designed to meet the cooling needs of big block engines. This is a 4 core design for high performance engines unlike the original 3 core.

In most cases our new radiators are less expensive that recoring your original without the hassle!

It will bolt in without modifying your radiator support or support top panel and looks like the original factory radiator, feature 1/2" tubes on 9/16" centers.

Dimensions: 17-1/2" x 26" (check your opening in the radiator support panel is for a 26 inch wide radiator not a 22 inch)
Enquire for 22 inch radiators

Fits the following cars with auto trans and 26" radiators:

- 1970-72 Barracuda / Cuda
- 1970-72 Challenger
- 1970-72 Charger
- 1970-72 Road Runner
- 1970-72 Satellite
- 1970 Belvedere
- 1970-71 GTX
- 1970-71 Coronet
- 1970-71 Super Bee
Specifications / Additional Info
Radiators to suit manual transmissions are also available or alternatively the trans cooler fittings can be blanked off. *Note: Photo shown is of manual radiator, advertised radiator is for automatic trans and does have trans cooler fittings*
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