Axle Repair Bearing (Rear)

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Quick Overview
We offer a complete sealed repair bearing that will replace the rear axle bearing on your classic when damage has occurred to the axle shaft from a worn-out bearing.

This bearing is a sealed, self-contained, pre-lubed unit that is engineered to relocate the load area of the bearing on the axle shaft to the area just outboard of the damaged section of the axle.


- 1967-86 Camaro - all
- 1987-89 Camaro exc. 7.75" ring gear
- 1970-81 Firebird 8.5" ring gear
- 1982-84 Firebird 7.5" ring gear
- 1965 Impala 10 bolt

Important: This should be considered a temporary fix until you can replace a damaged axle.

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