OER® Trunk Spatter Paint 16oz Can (Black and Gray)

Part Number: .KFO K51496

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Quick Overview
Correct spatter paint to completely cover the entire trunk area.

Gives a black and gray spatter finish.

After years of use your trunk area is probably in poor condition due to water damage or other factors. If you are replacing your trunk pan then spraying the trunk is a must, even if you're installing a trunk mat.

Trunk spatter paint has no ball inside the can. It is not needed due to the material has different color flakes that don't need to be shaken up.

Important: This product is not water-resistant and must be used with part # K51497 (sold separately) trunk spatter clear topcoat for a water-resistant finish.

An additional charge of $8.00 will be charged for Dangerous goods declaration
OER® Trunk Spatter Paint 16oz Can (Black and Gray)


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