Battery Mat - Acid Neutraliser

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Quick Overview
The Battery Mat offers every vehicle around-the-clock protection from an ever present threat: The Battery!

A battery can sometimes leak undetected for months, causing rust on any metal surface the acid encounters.

This rust of course can cause irreversible damage to body parts resulting in costly repairs or even accidents.

Once installed the mat will trap and neutralize any battery acid that leaks from the terminals or top side of the battery, thus preventing corrosion and expensive damage.

Each mat is made of super absorbent polypropylene needle punch felt, with one side heat treated to give it additional strength.

The mat is inserted under the battery between the battery and the battery tray.

It can easily be installed at any time either when replacing the battery tray or battery.

Protect your restoration with this simple but effective Battery Mat.

Trim to suit your tray.