1967-69 Camaro / Trans-Am SB, Radiator A/T 3 Row

Part Number: .Z4O CRD3703A

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Quick Overview
Reproduction radiators install exactly like original! These all new radiators are made in the U.S.A and in most cases cost less than getting your old radiator re-cored!

Unlike aftermarket replacements, our radiators mount correctly using original style brackets.

Aftermarket radiators are usually not suited for installation to maintain originality.

The original appearance is important to your restoration.

Beware of replacement radiators which do not have the correct brackets for mounting.

Each Classic radiator is equipped with a new tank and core.

Not a rebuilt! Comes complete with original style mounting brackets attached and installs as original to the radiator support.

Note: Fan shrouds, fan shroud brackets, radiator petcock, radiator cap and shroud mounting clips are available separately.

-1967-69 Camaro with Auto and SB eng (327, 350, 400), ยท17" x 23" x 2" 3 row.
-1967-69 Firebird with Auto and SB eng (350, 400, 403). 17" x 23" x 2" 3 row.
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